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We care
about your safety!

"Asking us to overlook a simple safety violation would be like asking me to compromise my entire attitude toward how I value your life" - William M. John.

John N. John is a Louisiana-based, family-owned, transportation company that has been in business since 1925. The company operates throughout the United States and Canada providing both general and specialized truck transportation. John N. John is a nationally recognized leader in the transportation of elevated temperature materials that utilizes High Tech tank trailers specifically designed for extreme temperature retention. John N. John transports petrochemicals safely, economically, and in an efficient manner to all of our customers.

Professional Drivers

  • Great Mileage Pay

  • Family First = More Home Time

  • Join our family and to expect to be here a while. Some have been with us for over 50 years!

  • Clean, Safe, Reliable Equipment

  • Open door policy with owners on-site

Central Dispatch which means no competing with "Local" guys for work

Great benefits that include health, life, dental and vision

Join Our Family!

John N. John Quality Policy

The single most important aspect of the service we provide to our customers is quality. The level of quality expected by our external customer is often measured by a rating of on-time pickup and delivery, effective communication, including follow-up procedures, efficient and clean equipment, and compentent, professional personnel. The quality of our service to internal customers, our employees, is measured by our clear, precise ability to communicate, trust in our employees, sharing our knowledge and skills, and to promote and encourage lifelong learning and personal growth. These elements, along with a philosophy of never comprimising the safety of our customers, the motoring public, the enviroment, or our employees form the essential commitment of each member of the John N. John company.